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Waxing is the longest-lasting method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes large amounts of hair at any one time. New hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Areas that are repeatedly waxed often exhibit re-growth that is softer and lighter in colour and the amount re-growing will be permanently reduced.

Benefits of salon waxing

  • Will help keep skin looking naturally smooth
  • Eliminates itchy regrowth and stubble
  • Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks – compared to shaving which can last just a day or two
  • Hairs become sparse over time
  • Hairs become finer and weaker
  • Slows down hair growth

Back Wax 

30 Minutes / £29.00

Chest & Abdomen 

1 Hour / £50.00


30 Minutes / £29.00

All of the Above 

Time depends on therapist / £67.00

1/2 Leg                                 Creme Wax/£23.00

3/4 Leg                                Creme Wax/£27.00

Full Leg                                Creme Wax/£31.00


Eyebrows                               Creme Wax/£12.50                      Hot Wax/ N/A

Lip Or Chin                            Creme Wax/£9.00                        Hot Wax/£11.00

Lip and Chin                         Creme Wax/£14.00                      Hot Wax/£17.00

Sides of Face                        Creme Wax/£14.00                      Hot Wax/£17.00

Full Face, Excl Brows           Creme Wax/£28.00                     Hot Wax/32.00

Full Face, Incl Brows            Creme Wax/£32.00                     Hot Wax/£37.00


Underarm                             Creme Wax/£13.00                     Hot Wax/£16.00

Forearm                                Creme Wax/£17.00

Full Arm                                Creme Wax/£20.00

Please note – We do not offer Intimate waxing for men

Aftercare instructions for Waxing

  • Do – apply sun block daily to prevent sunlight from interfering with the healing process for 2–3 days following treatment
  • Do – wear loose clothing
  • Do Not – expose the skin to sun, sunlight or sun beds for 48 hours
  • Do Not – use a steam room, sauna or any heat treatment for 24 hours
  • Do Not – have a hot bath or shower for 24 hours
  • Do Not – swim in chlorinated water for 24 hours
  • Do Not – do aerobics or any exercise for 24 hours
  • Do Not – apply any heat or friction to the skin whatsoever
  • Do Not – apply any moisturisers or body lotions for 24 hours, other than those recommended by your therapist
  • Do Not – apply body sprays or deodorants or perfume for 24 hours
  • Do Not – apply talc, make up or false tan until any redness disappears
  • Do Not – wear tights, leggings, or tight fitting clothing for 24 hours
  • Do Not – massage the area for 24 hours



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