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The IBX Nail Repair System
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The IBX Nail Repair System

Prices start at £6.00

The Next Generation of Award-Winning Nail Products
……………resulting in instant improvement……………..


Are your natural nails weak, brittle, flaky and split?

Do you suffer from the white residue which sometimes remains on your nail plate after Colour Gel Polish use which encourages you to give your nails a break from having your Colour Gel Polish?

IBX is a new conditioning treatment which promises to create nail strength from within the nail for even the most damaged nails. Using IBX is like adding an “insurance policy” into your nail to guard against problems from arising.

IBX is a revolutionary two system nail treatment. The first of its kind which works inside the natural nail to target imperfections, weak, thin and damaged nails to allow for stronger and healthier nails to grow long. There any many existing “nail strengthening fixers” on the markets which just sit on top of the nail, IBX does not.

The IBX concept “fills up” nail grooves, including splits, peeling and free edge delamination to smooth the nail plate and improve the natural nail colour and appearance.


Do you want your own longer, more beautiful natural nails?

The revolutionary IBX System is a penetrative toughening system and is a salon nail service which offers professional help for weak and damaged nails. This intensive strengthening treatment works so you can build length, flexibility and durability from the INSIDE, OUT without brittleness.

It fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate together with an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) which locks itself within the nail plate. IBX becomes a permanent addition to the nail plate, solvents and detergents will not remove it.


Firstly, the IBX Repair is applied initially to the targeted damaged areas including splits, peeling and free edge delamination. It acts like ‘double-sided sticky tape’ to seal damaged areas together.

An Infra-Red lamp is then used to encourage the penetration of the product (similar to how butter melts into warm bread) and then the application of the second stage, IBX, is applied to the whole nail, cured using an LED lamp. When it is your first treatment, the IBX will be applied twice to the entire nail plate.


It’s completely invisible afterwards, but continues to work inside the nail to create a supportive scaffolding.

If required you can now have an application of a Gel Polish or nail varnish as you perhaps usually would.

The treatment lasts until your nails grow out. A one-off treatment may be enough, though for very damaged nails, two or three treatments may be needed to restore equilibrium.


Addicted to regular manicures (with varnish) and colour gel polish?

The IBX System’s makers bill this product as “the first pre-manicure salon treatment that repairs and strengthens nails” and it’s finally available in Europe.

The IBX system is also an intensive treatment which can be used as a complete protective shield under any Colour Gel Polish Coating or regular varnish Manicure to improve the nail plate integrity.

A full coat of IBX Repair is applied first and acts as the fusion layer before the above is applied. This helps to reduce the “white spots” that sometimes occur on the surface of the natural nail, when the colour is left on for too long!


Think of IBX as a built-in insurance policy for your nails. It can be used underneath Shellac, OPI Gel Colour, Natural Nail Varnish, as well as alone on bare nails, simultaneously toughening and protecting the natural nail. Give your nails the length, strength and durability they deserve with IBX.




For Treatment No 1 with Natural Nail Repair (including filing, cuticle work and massage and IBX Repair) 45 minutes £30.00

Subsequent Treatments with Natural Nail Repair as required 30 minutes £21.00

1 layer of IBX Repair under Gel Polish or varnish £6,00

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