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Waxing is the longest-lasting method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes large amounts of hair at any one time. New hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. When wax is warm, it enters the follicle, allowing the hair to be pulled out from the root. Areas that are repeatedly waxed often exhibit re-growth that is softer and lighter in colour and the amount re-growing will be permanently reduced.

Unwanted hair is common on the upper lip, the chin and cheeks, on the back, legs, fingers, feet and toes. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, certain medications such as hormones or steroids, or even medical abnormalities.

Benefits of salon waxing
  • Will help keep skin looking naturally smooth
  • Eliminates stubble growth
  • Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks – compared to shaving which can last just a day or two
  • Hairs become sparse over time
  • Hairs become finer and weaker
  • Slows down hair growth

All of our waxing treatments are completed with the therapist applying Australian Bodycare Body lotion. This is one of the most effective after wax creams as it contains 5% Tea Tree Oil which will calm and cool the skin and help to prevent in-growing hairs.

Types of Wax used:
Warm Cream Tea Tree Wax (hypoallergenic)

This is the most popular method of waxing. Warm wax is applied to the skin, using a spatula, at a lower temperature than hot wax. The sticky properties of this product make it adhere to the hair enabling it to be is removed using paper or fabric strips. The hair and root are removed.

You should ensure that the hair to be waxed is a minimum of approximately 5mm so that the wax will take to the hair effectively. This is normally around 2 weeks post-shaving growth for most ladies or 4-6 weeks post waxing.

Hot Wax

At Jasmines we only use the best and world renown Perron Rigot hot wax for our treatments. The wax is applied to the hair at a comfortable temperature, whilst still in a liquid state. It shrink wraps itself around the hairs almost instantly. When removed, the wax is flipped up at the corner and pulled off quickly by the therapist, which pulls the hairs from the root thus removing it.

Hot wax is gentler on the area being waxed (therefore less redness post treatment) and excellent when used on shorter, coarser hair. Consequently it is mostly used on smaller areas such as underarms, bikini’s, Brazilians and Hollywoods. Hot was is perfect for sensitive skin types


Choose any 3 areas and receive 10% off 

Waxing Prices

Eyebrows                               Creme Wax/£13.00                      Hot Wax/ N/A

Lip Or Chin                            Creme Wax/£10.00                     Hot Wax/£12.00

Lip and Chin                         Creme Wax/£16.00                      Hot Wax/£17.00

Sides of Face                        Creme Wax/£16.00                      Hot Wax/£18.00

Full Face, Excl Brows           Creme wax / N / A                       Hot Wax/35.00

Full Face, Incl Brows            Creme Wax/£40.50                     Hot Wax / N/A



Underarm                             Creme Wax/£13.00                     Hot Wax/£15.00

Forearm                                Creme Wax/£17.00

Full Arm                                Creme Wax/£20.00


Legs and Bikini

1/2 Leg                                 Creme Wax/£23.00                     

3/4 Leg                                Creme Wax/£27.00

Full Leg                                Creme Wax/£31.00

Classic Bikini                      Creme Wax/£17.50                               Hot Wax/£20.50

High Bikini                           Creme Wax/£23.00                             Hot Wax/£26.00

Brazilian                              Creme Wax/£35.00                              Hot Wax/£36.00

Hollywood                          Creme Wax/£39.00                              Hot Wax/£40.00

Choose Any Leg and Bikini treatment and receive 15% off.


Intimate Waxing

Please be assured that all our intimate wax therapists have many many years of intimate waxing experience.

Clients often get confused about what a Bikini Wax is, so here is an explanation;

Bikini Wax

This is just as it says, it covers the bikini line that would be on the outside of your knicker line.

Brazilian Wax

Leaves a small vertical strip or triangle, just above the vaginal area. Hair is totally removed from the labia right round to the peri-anal region.

Hollywood Wax

Hollywood style removes all of the hair, front all the way to the back.

If it’s your first wax, or you haven’t been recently, you should trim your hairs in the bikini area to about 1cm, making sure to leave enough hair for the wax to hold onto. Waxing to remove long hairs is far more painful.

Will you be embarrassed?

This type of waxing in front of a stranger will feel a bit awkward for many first time waxers – but do keep in mind:

  • You are with a professional. Like a doctor, your therapist has seen it all before and will do their best to put you at ease.
  • Nobody is judging you.
  • You are not the hairiest person we have treated.
  • The whole experience is rather clinical.
  • The thought of a bikini wax is enough to make most people sweat, but the more relaxed you are the easier it will be to remove the hair.


Aftercare instructions for Waxing

  • Do – apply sun block daily to prevent sunlight from interfering with the healing process for 2–3 days following treatment
  • Do – wear loose clothing
  • Do Not – expose the skin to sun, sunlight or sun beds for 48 hours
  • Do Not – use a steam room, sauna or any heat treatment for 24 hours
  • Do Not – have a hot bath or shower for 24 hours
  • Do Not – swim in chlorinated water for 24 hours
  • Do Not – do aerobics or any exercise for 24 hours
  • Do Not – apply any heat or friction to the skin whatsoever
  • Do Not – apply any moisturisers or body lotions for 24 hours, other than those recommended by your therapist
  • Do Not – apply body sprays or deodorants or perfume for 24 hours
  • Do Not – apply talc, make up or false tan until any redness disappears
  • Do Not – wear tights, leggings, or tight fitting clothing for 24 hours
  • Do Not – massage the area for 24 hours



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