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Guinot Hydradermie Facials
For all Spa, Face and Body treatments, please endeavour to arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will give you plenty of time to change into your robe and start to unwind in our tranquil Relaxation Room with a refreshment, before your therapist arrives to take you to your treatment.

Guinot Hydradermie Facials

Prices start at £30.00

Hydradermie, formally known as “Cathiodermie”, is an advanced machine-based, salon treatment, developed in the 1960s by French biochemist Réne Guinot for maintaining a balanced, healthy complexion.

All the Hydradermie facials use the world-famous Hydradermie machine’s gentle combination of mild galvanic/ionisation and high frequency/oxygenation electrotherapy to deep-cleanse, hydrate, oxygenate and regenerate the skin offering immediate and lasting results.

Ionisation – gentle, precise massaging movements using rollers to carry the specific gel serum deeper into the skin.

Oxygenation – to energise the skin’s cells, leaving the skin fully loaded with oxygen and a complexion that is relaxed, purified and bright.
The Hydradermie Lift treatments also work on the principle of a mild galvanic current and high frequency electrotherapy but have an added muscle stimulation phase to tone the muscles of the eyes, face and neck.

New Guinot Hydraderm Cellular Energy Treatments – for full details see separate page links in the left grey side bar.


The Hydradermie Facial

Bespoke beauty… Hydradermie, an exceptional, non invasive, mechanical treatment, is at the heart of the Guinot experience.

The state-of-the-art Hydraderm machine’s gentle combination of mild galvanic and high frequency electrotherapy results in a face that appears rested and luminous with a subtle glow having been deeply cleansed, hydrated and rejuvenated…. from the very first treatment. In fact, clinical tests results have revealed that, following a Hydradermie facial, the skin is 52% more hydrated.

The combination of advanced scientific technology and the skills of a highly trained therapist together produce the ultimate in treatments, the Hydradermie Facial, to correct skin problems from the inside out.

There are six different types of Hydradermie treatments available, depending on your beauty goals and skin type. Following a thorough skin preparation, your therapist assesses your skin and selects the treatment gels best suited to your skin type making The Hydradermie a truly customised treatment.

This complete treatment combines two phases:


– gentle, precise massaging movements using rollers carry the specific gel serum deep into the skin.


– to energise the skin’s cells, leaving the skin fully loaded with oxygen and a complexion that is relaxed, purified and bright.

The treatment concludes with a relaxing massage, mask and the application of care products.

Hydradermie Facials are recommended to be taken as a course of three treatments, one a week or as a monthly maintenance treatment.

1 hour 15 minutes £65.00
Course of three treatments £165.00
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Hydradermie Age Logic

The Anti-Ageing Treatment

Simply the best anti-ageing treatment known today, for a client of 30 years plus, to visibly rejuvenate the face and diminish signs of ageing.

The Hydradermie Age Logic Facial redensifies the skin, revitalises and smoothes wrinkles with results visible after the first treatment.

This “star of all facials” combines the Hydradermie Facial, using the specialised Age Logic firming and toning serums, with an intensive eye treatment and special focus on the neck and décolleté areas.

Included is a pressure point eye massage, the luxurious serenity massage (unique to Guinot) and either a hand and arm or a scalp massage (unique to Guinot) using relaxing essential oils, leaving the skin feeling revitalised and relaxed.

Immediately after the treatment you will visibly see that the signs of ageing have faded on your skin and your face will have regained firmness and radiance. In fact clinical test results have proven that, following The Hydradermie Age Logic facial, the wrinkle depth decreases by 53%.

To obtain face-rejuvenating beauty results more quickly, Hydradermie Age Logic treatments are recommended to be taken once a week for three weeks and then a maintenance treatment each month, especially before exposing your skin to the sun.

1 hour 30 minutes £75.00
Course of three treatments £205.00
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Hydradermie Lift

The ‘Immediate Lift’ Treatment

Guinot’s world-famous anti-ageing facial specifically for mature skin.

With age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined pronouncing the signs of ageing. The Hydradermie Lift targets areas where lines are most evident around the eyes, mouth, nose and across the forehead for an immediate lifting effect.

Hydradermie Lift brings revolutionary youthfulness and renewed tone by stimulating the facial muscles and providing a massage that lifts the facial features. In the same way that the body muscles are “sculpted” at a gym, this treatment adds a spectacular “lift effect” to your face even after just one session.

As in the Hydradermie facial treatment, the Hydradermie Lift treatment also works on the principle of a mild galvanic current and high frequency electrotherapy. The added secret to this treatment is muscle stimulation-to tone the muscles of the eyes, face and neck.

Tests at Laboratories Guinot showed the following results after four Hydradermie Lift treatments:

  • Increase in radiance
  • Over 40% increase in overall firmness

With visible results from the first session, this revolutionary salon treatment will leave your skin smoother, firmer, more radiant and younger looking. This treatment is versatile and extends to offer a specialised eye treatment, the Hydradermie Lift Yeux, for younger looking eyes.

1 hour 15 minutes £65.00
Course of three treatments £160.00
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Hydradermie Lift Express

The high-tech lifting facial

This express lift is a shortened version of the Hydradermie Lift for when time is of the essence or as a maintenance facial taken in between regular visits. A ‘work out’ for the face and neck, which creates a lifting effect by toning the complexion, smoothing wrinkles and lifting the facial contours.

Includes cleansing, exfoliating, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation.

For maximum results, it is recommended this facial is taken as a course of 8-12 treatments, twice a week to begin with and then one treatment a month thereafter.

45 minutes £52.00
Course of eight treatments £325.00
Course of ten treatments £395.00
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Hydradermie Lift Yeux

Eyelift effect treatment

The most complete anti-ageing treatment for the eye area.

This is a non-surgical anti-ageing treatment using the latest, most advanced technology to visibly rejuvenate the eyes, eyelids and crow’s feet, by reducing signs of ageing, dark circles and puffiness from around the eye area.

It works on both the skin and muscles surrounding the eyes to rehydrate, tone, firm and create an overall ‘lift’ that visibly opens up the area around the eyes. From the first treatment small wrinkles are erased, crow’s feet are smoothed and the eye contours look younger.

Hydradermie Lift Yeux can be combined with any regular Guinot Facial.

For maximum results a course of eight treatments is recommended , taken twice a week for four weeks, followed by one maintenance treatment per month.

45 minutes £47.00

Course of four treatments £170.00

Course of eight treatments £315.00
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NEW Guinot Hydradermie Eye Logic Treatment

The Instant Eye Repair Treatment

This unique treatment targets signs of ageing and tiredness around the delicate eye area, including fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Using an expert combination of machine technology, a specific hands-on massage and a specially designed eye mask soaked in a concentrated skin repair serum for maximum effectiveness, 87.5% of volunteers found their wrinkles and fine lines to be diminished and smoothed away*.

*Clinically proven results after just 1 treatment:

46.7% average increase in skin firmness
40.2% average decrease in wrinkle depth

100% of ladies agreed that their dark circles and puffiness had diminished.

How it works

– A special eye serum gel paired with ionization through Guinot’s patented electrodes helps drain puffiness around the eyes, decongests dark circles and smooths away crow’s feet, wrinkles and frown lines, as well as working on the upper and lower eyelids.
– An eye contour massage tones the skin, stimulates tissue drainage and activates sub-cutaneous microcirculation to reduce puffiness and dark circles.
– An exclusive patented shaped eye mask releases the rejuvenating active ingredients deep into cells and creates an instant lifting and firming effect.

The results

– More youthful looking skin
– An energized and visibly different appearance
– Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out
– Puffiness, shadows and bags are reduced

Why eyes are vulnerable

The skin around the eye contour is thinner and more fragile than the skin over the rest of the face. The area is poorly protected and highly exposed (wind, sunlight…), making it easily subject to signs of aging.

The accumulation of water causes eyelids to swell, which is accentuated by fatigue.

Dark circles are caused by excessive dilation of blood vessels on the skin’s surface that become visible. The poor circulation stagnates and intensifies the bluish color characteristic of dark under eye circles.

45 minutes £49.00
Added to any Guinot Facial  £27.00

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Hydradermie Lift Deluxe

The “Ultimate Lift” Treatment

The Ultimate Anti-ageing facial combining Hydradermie Age Logic and Hydradermie Lift Express.  This exceptional treatment immediately firms and defines the neck,  jawline and cheeks and smoothes the forehead-undoubtedly the perfect facial prior to any special occasion.

2 hours 15 minutes £105.00

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At long last, beautiful radiant skin in just 30 minutes.

All women desire to have clear and flawless skin, however, demanding schedules and endless checklists leave little time for beauty pampering. Guinot introduces Hydraclean, a treatment and solution designed to fit the modern woman’s agenda and provide wonderfully radiant skin in just 30 minutes.

The first of its kind in the world, the Hydraclean is a deep-cleansing express facial for all skin types.

It is the only deep cleansing treatment available that acts simultaneously on both sweat and sebaceous glands, paying particular attention to the T-zone. Regulated heat from the patented Thermoclean Electrode triggers hyper secretion of the sweat glands to totally clean the pores and rid the skin of toxins.

This electrode was created specifically for the Hydraclean treatment. Instead of using steam to soften the pores, the electrode is set to a specific temperature and can be adjusted to each person’s comfort level. While softening the pores, the heated electrode glides over the skin allowing the specialized treatment gels, which have been applied, to penetrate deep into the skin, resulting in clearer, brighter, and more hydrated.

The treatment is completed with a relaxing facial massage that works to drain and re-commence skin microcirculation.

The Guinot Hydraclean Facial is ideal for hurried professionals with barely a minute to spare, young spa goers looking for an introductory treatment, or those looking to give their skin a quick yet deep cleansing facial without leaving the skin red or puffy…an ideal lunchtime treatment.

For our existing clients who already know the effectiveness of a regular, Hydradermie facial, this is a facial that can be given as a standalone treatment or incorporated into our existing facials for deeper cleansing, and longer lasting results.

Prior to launching Hydraclean, a rigorous case study was undertaken to prove the results and effectiveness of the treatment, after just one session:

  • Decrease in the number of blemishes by an average of 93%
  • Decrease in the size of blemishes by an average of 97%
  • Increase in skin radiance by an average of 2.3%

30 minute treatment £32.00
Added to any facial £17.00
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