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Frequently Asked Questions


Knowing something of what to expect will help you feel confident, relaxed and prepared to get the best out of your pampering experience.

Please tell us if…

…you are pregnant, have muscle or joint injuries or any other medical condition. We ask you to advise us at the time of booking and to also divulge this information during your initial consultation with your therapist before your treatment begins. This will allow your therapist to adjust your treatment, if necessary, so that it’s perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Should I be early or punctual?

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early for your Spa treatment giving yourself plenty of time to change into your robe and start to relax and unwind before your appointment.

Spa dress code

If you are having a Spa Body Treatment, it can help to arrive in something relaxed and loose, because it will slip more easily back on over a moisturised and fragrant you, at the end! Best to leave ‘best’ underwear at home, in case it’s marked by any of the oils and body products applied during the treatment.

If you are having a Spa treatment, when you arrive, you will be shown into our Changing Room where we will provide you with a locker and give you your robe and slippers which you can change into and wear for the duration of your stay. You can leave your underwear on; your therapist will tell you if you need to remove your bra so the creams and oils reach all the right places. However, if you would prefer, you can wear normal attire and remove your clothes whilst in the privacy of your treatment room.

You will then have time to relax in our Tranquil Relaxation Room, before your therapist takes you upstairs to your Spa room for your treatment.

What about makeup?

If you have booked in for a facial treatment then it is best not to wear makeup. If you really cannot face the glare of the public eye en route to your pampering session, or you are coming straight from work, please do not worry, we double cleanse the skin before every facial which will remove your makeup.

…and jewellery?

Please leave jewellery and valuables at home if you can – it’s just something less to worry about. Before any spa treatment please remove any jewelry from the area being treated. You can leave the items safely locked away in your personal locker or place them in your robe pocket before your treatment. Jasmine’s Beauty Salon & Spa are not responsible for any loss or damage of any personal items.


Your therapist will leave the room while you slip off your robe and relax under the towels and blankets on the treatment couch, and again when you to get up to re-robe at the end. Disposable knickers can be provided (if required) to avoid getting beauty products on your own underwear. Therapists are also skilled in averting their eyes and in draping towels discreetly over those parts of your body not receiving the treatment, keeping your modesty intact and keeping you warm and comfortable at the same time. We never compromise your modesty. Therapists will only expose the portion of your body that is being treated at the time.

Do I need to talk to my therapist during my treatment?

You can chat with your therapist, or you can zone out and sink into gorgeous oblivion – it’s up to you, nobody minds either way. Therapists are very happy to answer your questions about the treatment, and don’t be shy about asking for gentler or firmer pressure, or changes in ambient music or the temperature of the room. If you’re uncomfortable with anything during your treatment, please speak up and the therapist will make an adjustment. We would rather you tell us during the treatment than leave us feeling disappointed with your experience.

You are paying for the treatment so you deserve to enjoy it!

What if I fall asleep?

Health and beauty treatments can be deeply relaxing and it’s common for clients to fall asleep while they’re happening. This is, of course, a complement to the skills of the therapist, and is normally not a problem. They will wake you, gently, when it’s time to leave the treatment room.

Most important of all

Remember to relax, stretch out and enjoy every moment of your ‘me time’ – you deserve it!

More hints and tips
  • If you come with a friend, be mindful of others, also enjoying general relaxation areas, and keep conversation low, especially in the Relaxation Room
  • Switch off your mobile ‘phone (it’s really OK to forget the pressures of the outside world for an hour or two!)
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal or consume alcohol within an hour or two of arriving
  • If you’ve a favourite book that you just can’t put down, or have no time to read at home, this is the time to bring it out of your handbag!
  • Before a manicure, protect your beautifully applied polish by paying in advance and removing car keys from the bottom of your handbag.

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